• Joe rocking out

About the band

How did 3rd Grade Friends start, when did you realize that it might be a good idea to go ahead start a band? 

One day the sand formed a spirit and told us to play. We were thrown to the edges of the sandbox as it spoke to us.  It said "Joe you and Robin should jam on your spare song parts and play à show and the rest will follow" robin poured water on the sand spirit and made it was away. we them decided to heed its advice.  So here we are. 

What topics(if any) do you focus on when writing music, or what inspires you to create songs? 

Oh, everything. History,  science,  art,  dance,  gym,  language arts,  holidays. ... mainly recess though.  
How do your personalities come out in the music? 

In percussion guitar and voice. Oh also in dance moves.

Has working at Metropolitan aided the band in anyway?

Absolutely, without Metropolitan we would never have pastured our first show. 
Are benefits to being a 2-part ensemble? 

Yes less stuff, equal fun

How does the music itself work in a two-piece? Are there more than two-parts in the music? 

Ha way more there like 5 parts maybe 6 and then sometimes we'll add like 3 more parts.
What do you like most about playing live?

Peoples reactions. 



Phone: (443) 822-0696