Robin Eckman


Indigenous to:

Annapolis area


Tama Starclassic drums and Yamaha DXT electronic drums

First Instrument/Teacher:

Drums. My Pops and Mr Sharkey my 3rd grade orchestra teacher

Biggest Inspiration:

My pops is my inspiration

All Time top 5:

Tim Alexander, Jimmy Chamberlain, John Stanier, Mike Patton, Zach Hill

Joseph Martin


Where did you grow up? 
Arlington and annapolis

Where do you live now? 
Baltimore though i feel very nomadic

What are your top 5 musical influences ? 
Mingus, flaming lips, pulp, ellington, sonic youth

What are your top 5 current bands? 
Bedhead, pulp, codeine, boys life,  rodan
What setup do you have(instruments/gear)? 
Bass amp, guitar amp, lots of pedals like paints for my brush which is my guitar. 

What was your first instrument(s), did you take any lessons? With who?

Piano with my mother

Who is your biggest inspiration music-wise? Or what is your biggest inspiration? 
Prob my mother and grandmother